The reuse and recycling of materials in the furniture industry

Shelves – the accessory that frees space (home or office)
13 de January, 2020
The circular economy has revolutionize the life cycle of products
21 de July, 2020

In our industry, as well as in any process of raw material transformation, the process of extracting and transforming wood (and other derivatives) also originates by-products – whether in the removal of forest trees, transport, sawmill or furniture industry.

These “so-called” wastes, or surpluses in the transformation process, can be reused and recycled, allowing new uses, with a creative and sustainable format as we do in Just4home.

The recycling of wood-based products presents viable and interesting solutions in the context of sustainability, with principles of circular economy, while reducing the need for tree slaughter and landfill.

The furniture and other materials that have undergone some process of transformation and which are not intended for final deposition can be reused, mainly indoors: pallets that turn into beds, shelves in various and creative formats, benches, beside decorative objects that transform into unique and original pieces. This vision adds new values to the materials, with some creativity and good taste.

This improvement of processes depends largely on the benefits received by those who innovates in their process to improve their competitiveness and their aspirations in the performance of sustainability, as we want to print in our company.

The sector in which we are inserted has an interesting evolution in the production process, benefiting from the introduction of new equipment and new raw materials, especially in the last 20 years.

These changes have allowed to respond to the needs of a new consumer, which increasingly values the comfort and functionality of the products, combined with a new concept of valuing the materials used (reuse) and respect for environmental and sustainability.

The increasing evolution of the consumer’s sense of responsibility has therefore forced us to review the priorities as well as the profound changes in both production and marketing. The requirement of new consumers and new markets, coupled with increasing relevance of the quality of the materials used, as well as their sustainability, forced us to make some adjustments.

There are 4 principles that we try to incorporate daily in the production and commercialization of Just4home products: (1) add value to customers or users of our products; (2) achieving a competitive advantage over other alternatives and more direct competition; (3) establish partnerships with our main suppliers that integrate our value chain; and (4) involvement and commitment of the entire team in terms of product sustainability.

Soon, and to conclude, we reinforce that the benefits of the reuse of wood, which is the reason of being of this business, are incomparably greater than disadvantages-minimising the use of natural resources, energy saving and raw materials, economic and social impact (jobs and incomes).

Thus, with focus and consistency, we try to make these concepts a daily practice of more sustainable production processes.


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