Trends for 2021

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24 de September, 2020
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20 de April, 2021

The pandemic has increased our stay at home and consequently the need to create more comfortable, tidy and sustainable spaces.

The pandemic crisis that set in this year led to all of us staying indoors for much longer and our homes gaining a new status given the daily use they suddenly began to have.
There is now a greater concern to make the spaces not only more functional, but also welcoming and relaxing. In this sense, the platform Habitíssimo, a platform that has existed in Portugal for two years and that brings together all kinds of professionals in the sector, listed the trends that will mark the year 2021.

For Tiago Costa Luís, designer at ME Arquitectos, a company registered at Habitissimo, “if in 2020 we turned to our homes and the need to make them more welcoming and functional, next year we will value the existing, the objects that are part of our memories and that have gained space in the family environment. We achieved this by recycling and reinterpreting pieces, but also by choosing natural materials and colors, which bring greater harmony to the domestic environment”.

From this base, Habitissimo selected the five trends that will mark the world of interior decoration next year:

  1. sustainable and intelligent materials – the change begins inside and in 2021, this change translates into a bet on furniture made with reused and recycled material, which replaces the upholstery and fabrics of animal origin. Allied to sustainability is also technology, since the future of homes passes through intelligent features that allow the reduction of water, light and gas consumption;
  2. Minimalist style – less is more. This is the universal rule that will be maintained and that will stand out in 2021. A decoration made up of useful pieces contributes to a wider and cleaner space and gives life to a minimalist style, which gathers the preference of the majority.
  3. Monochrome palette – although the range of colors is endless, next year the trend will settle in only half a dozen. The neutral and monochromatic tones, such as white, beige, old rose or gray will be preferred, combining with a modern style, more simple and illuminated;
  4. Handcrafted pieces – handcrafted pieces are always a good option to value tradition and Portuguese culture and contribute to a style that never goes out of fashion: the rustic. Works like macramé, wood accessories and fabric elements are trends that are definitely here to stay and will shine in 2021;
  5. Decorative plants – the use of plants tends to bring out the most expressive and wild side of decoration projects. There is a great variety of plants that allow you to take some of nature’s magic into the interior of the house and that gives a new life to the environment.

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