Study corner: how to do it?

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28 de July, 2020
Study corner: how to do it?
24 de September, 2020

The house is an environment full of distractions like the television, the bedroom, the garden among others, that’s why it’s so important to create an adequate space to study, after all, a well-designed study place can help keep the focus and concentration on the hours set aside for learning and knowledge.

In this article  we will give you some tips and ideas that may help to solve this issue and in this way get a more comfortable space to concentrate.

For the moment of study inside the home to be productive it is very important to know how to divide the environments, since in this way it is possible to create discipline and also a greater concentration on the task to be performed.

Choosing the environment

The first hint about the assembly of this project is to define the space in which we will create this study corner. For those who have a large house with plenty of space this choice is facilitated, since it is only necessary to adapt the furniture to the style of the house and create the environment according to the defined objectives.

However, we know that the reality of most people is to live in small spaces and thus there is a need to adapt them to the needs that arise. Thus the room is usually the place to use for this purpose, since it is a more intimate and reserved environment providing greater concentration.

Another quite usual option is the living room, the space can be achieved using only shelves or storage cubes that allow the creation of a dynamic space that meets all needs.

Suitable furniture

Another very important tip on how to set up a study corner is to choose the appropriate furniture for the environment. It is not important if it will serve only for a simple or childish study the important is to have a desk and a suitable and comfortable chair.

The tip here is to be aware of the size of the environment, since it influences the choice of furniture, after all, if it is a small place you do not need to buy a huge desk. In addition, the chair should be comfortable and if possible invest in models that have height adjustment and support for the arms, because this helps to stay with the correct posture and avoid back pain.


Good natural and artificial lighting is essential. That’s why, when you choose the place to set up your study corner, choose to do it next to a window. In addition, the use of a desk lamp is indispensable, because it will better direct the lighting, especially if there is a habit of studying later or even at night.

 Use of niches and shelves

For better productivity it is very important that the organization is the focus, for this purpose the use of cubes and shelves help in the organization of books, documents, stationery materials among other items that are essential to be around to avoid the constant departure from the place in search of these elements.


Just as lighting and ventilation are important, so choose a space in your home that has a good air circulation so that the environment is always well aired.

Decoration of the study space

The decoration will always depend a lot on your environment style and personal tastes, but it is very important to remember that whether this place is simple or more elaborate you should follow the environment style, as this will ensure a more pleasant and harmonious space.


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