Shelves – the accessory that frees space (home or office)

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30 de December, 2019
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We all find our home small and sometimes boring – the secret for transformation is to change!

Shelves are probably one of the best tools for decoration and storage tools in the furniture industry – easy to install and usually affordable. Find in this article a good ideas selection for using shelves in the living room, kitchen, bedroom and office.

Using shelves as a decorative functional element is the major difference for those who want an organized, visually inviting and cosy environment. Could be our best allies in the organization, being also an interesting way of applying your personality to the available spaces, once they support objects that really transmit who we really are.

Shelves functions in decoration – your space lives only of beauty or is also relevant and functional? We should always think in the functionality that an idea could provoke in a space; in the shelves decorative case, the propose should be to create practical and organized ambient and not only aesthetically pretty (they can link the useful to pleasant and be multifunction);

Use colored objects or a colored shelf – if you need more life and joy in your spaces abuse from color; the idea could apply to decorative objects as to the shelf tonality itself; if the ambient is white, for example, add a yellow, blue or red shelf; but it is important to know how to dose the contained objects in the empty spaces with color shelves – they are already the attention center and attractive in color for itself, so don’t exaggerate;

Fill in the spaces with books – is there a function more classic than the bookshelf? This function never goes out of style and could be what was missing to organize your private library, for this, it is interesting to choose more resistant shelves, that support the books weight and, the most important, leave them well positioned and accessible for consult (plan for the weight it will receive so there will be no surprises);

Apply shelves in the kitchen to expose tableware – kitchens ask for pretty shelves to support utensils, pans and mugs and, of course, dispose your most sophisticated dishwashers; to make an elegant and organized kitchen, choose for long shelves, so what you place there could become a decorative element ( also could be included the books idea, in this case recipe books);

Decorate your balcony with shelves – Do you have a balcony in your house or apartment? Here, the shelves, are also welcome as decorative elements; imagine them suspended or even transforming an old stairway in shelves for small vases and gardening elements; beyond helping in the organization, your space for house plant stays more presentable and with a personalized decoration;

Use shelves to organize rooms – Getting our room and feel it organized makes the difference; for that being possible, bet on a shelve format as allied to keep all in place, in addiction to cabinets; the open shelves facilitate the task; be creative and use suspended shelves to separate integrated ambient in a practical and innovative way (the solution is perfect for who wants a more ventilated and illuminated space);

Play with illumination in art objects – Furthermore the walls, shelves could also be the ideal place to expose your art and other valuable objects of your decoration; bet in recessed illumination, to evidence the most valuable objects (small luminaires well distributed can also help expose the art objects).

Even with this tips you don’t resolve your problem? So, invest in decorative and organized boxes. The boxes founded in different models, sizes, textures and materials (include wood), transform the ambient and give a stowage image.

Independently the shelve format and model you choose, what matters is transmitting your history and expose all your personality. From books to plants and work of arts, take a shot with creativity in the style you most you like and transform your spaces – whether at home or at the office.

If is missing wall space, use the ceiling to hang shelves, be creative and seek for images of some interior architects that provoke inspiration.


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