Changing season implies changing the wardrobe – how to organize

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21 de July, 2020
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28 de July, 2020

The seasons of the year change and we change the way we dress – so our wardrobe should be adapted to a new reality. And how we could do it in a more structured and thought-out way? We give answer to that question in this article of just4home.

One of the main ideas is look for all we have and don´t use for more than three years, and regarding to that decide to give or donate to a charity institution. This is one of the steps that makes us realize the excess we have in our wardrobe – allow us, from start and in a simple format, organize the wardrobe by season and by piece: shirts in on side, coats in the other and so on.

  • Classify the clothing parts of the past season – divide the winter clothes in for large groups (Donate/Fix/Wash/Store); this first process will be done again in the beginning of the next summer. It will not only reduce the quantity of clothes in the closet but also stop the degradation of clothes that eventually are damaged;
  • Keep the clothes in packaging/boxes – to store the clothes choose always, if possible, hermetically sealed packaging that will regulate the light and the temperature and stop the stains appearance, smells and humidity. Organize that storage in two different blocks (light clothing and dark clothing). Keep the clothes in a dark, well ventilated, fresh and dry place, avoiding garages, storage compartments, attics and basements;
  • Clean the wardrobe – first of all don´t forget using the maximum of the shelves and all the available space; clean the interior of the closet where you will keep your clothes, removing all the dust and dirtiness and seeking the possible humidity and mold.

Choose brands and parts that last longer, choose have less pieces and keep them longer. Ask yourself these questions: what do I need to buy for each season? Do I really need it? What is the expectation for using it many times?

When reviewing the clothing that wasn’t use in the past season, when looking at the photographs of next season’s clothes, we realize of our real needs. Remember that today’s world is design for buy more than we really need. Experience says that organizing the closet brings extraordinary results, even the “I don’t know what to dress” drama decrease.

Preparing the wardrobe for the new season is a less appetizing task, but think that you only do it twice a year, and is always better than having the closet full of cloth, with some that you even use and other that needs to be fixed.

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