Simple and practical tips for decorating your Christmas

Minimalist decoration – how to accede this trend?
30 de December, 2019

Christmas is an unique event of bonding, family, friendship and fraternity. This is what is celebrated at Christmas, the celebration and birth, a renewal. From there, there is a new all dynamic that we can input in our home or into our professional space with a creative décor.

We should consider the multiple elements with a focus, which enhances the festivity and celebration giving more comfort and joy to the ambient. Boost your creativity and use sustainable and reusable materials.

Which colors are more suitable? This is a question you should put yourself, having in consideration spaces’ functions and the complement of the various pre-existing colors. Christmas tree should have a special emphasis, so we suggest that should be the first to be decorated. The Family gathered to assemble the tree could cause a lot of evolvement and smiles.

Besides the Christmas tree, Christmas table also must have maximum attention to ensure a harmony and celebrative night. A traditional red table towel is an option, or other color that complements the space and is in tune and consistent with the other decorative elements.

And what is the budget to the renovation? The best way is to ask a specialist (or a friend with competence) and then search element for element to know if it fits in the budget, because there are many solutions, ranging from simple, inexpensive decor to the most expensive. The way you choose, according with the budget limit, will always be right if it is coherent with the festive season. The objective is to receive your family and friends in a space with warm and joyful tones. So, any furniture element, being tables, chairs, cabinets or shelves, could have a temporally renewal touch.

And how to assemble some elements without big budgets?

There is no need having a lot of money to have decorations with impact – a lot could be done without recourse to big elements and ornaments inside home. We need to have many creativity to original elements that value the main Christmas’ symbols. Further we list simple tips, just putting into practice some techniques with the reusable materials:

Christmas balls – our suggestion is to use the balls you used last year and decorate them with small pieces of fabric; cut out fabric (small and large strips) in red and white and use them to cover the balls; glue may not even be needed, a simple loop around the ball makes the difference!

Cinnamon Stick Candles – Place a candle in a glass cup and surround it with cinnamon stick in a kind of surrounding armor. Finally, we suggest a red fabric ribbon throughout the cup and a bow to finish.

Glass bottles with flashing lights – here is a lighting tip, to put on the furniture; it will be necessary to reuse glass bottles and then just put flashing lights inside them. The effect is very interesting, try it!

Pine cones to decorate the Christmas tree – the pine cone is almost a must at this time, so it should always be present; besides being a natural element plays with almost everything. Have you tried to paint them or even paste small props?

Above all, we appeal to your creativity, it encourages good solutions.

A great Christmas is what we wish you, among your family and friends!


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